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R. Bade, S. Miksch, S. Schlechtweg:
"Connecting Time-Oriented Data and Information to a Coherent Interactive Visualization";
Talk: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2004), Vienna, Austria; 2004-04-24 - 2004-04-29; in: "Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2004)", ACM Press, 1 (2004), 105 - 112.

English abstract:
In modern intensive care units (ICUs), the medical staff has
to monitor a huge amount of high-dimensional and timeoriented
data, which needs to be visualized user- and taskspecifically
to ease diagnosis and treatment planning.
Available visual representations, like diagrams or charts
neglect the implicit information as well as a-priory or
associated knowledge about the data and its meaning (for
example, 38.5C (101.3F) is moderate fever and 41C
(105.8F) is critical fever). Another challenge is to provide
appropriate interaction techniques to explore and navigate
the data and its temporal dimensions. In this context one
major challenge is to connect time-oriented data and information
to a coherent interactive visualization. In this paper
we present different interactive visualization techniques
which enable the users to reveal the data at several levels of
detail and abstraction, ranging from a broad overview to the
fine structure. We will also introduce a time visualization
and navigation technique that connects overview+detail,
pan+zoom, and focus+context features to one powerful

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