Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

H. Moser:
"Distributed Construction of a Fault-Tolerant Wireless Communication Topology for Networked Embedded Systems";
Supervisor: U. Schmid; Institut für Technische Informatik / Embedded Computing Systems, 2005.

English abstract:
This master's thesis presents a proven-correct implementation of a distributed topology construction algorithm based upon the Thallner topology construction method for creating a minimal Delta-node connected fault-tolerant overlay graph. The algorithm works in asynchronous fault-tolerant distributed systems augmented with failure detectors. A detailed proof shows that given a perfect propose module and a period of network stability, the unique minimal overlay graph is built. This thesis also contains a solvability analysis examining how the algorithm can be implemented in the presence of simple crash failures, in the crash-recovery model and in the presence of lossy links.

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