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G.W. Klau, I. Ljubic, A. Moser, P. Mutzel, P. Neuner, U. Pferschy, G. Raidl, R. Weiskircher:
"Combining a memetic algorithm with integer programming to solve the prize-collecting Steiner tree problem";
in: "Genetic and Evolutionary Computation - GECCO 2004", K. Deb, R. Poli, W. Banzhaf, H. Beyer, E. Burke, P. Darwen, D. Dasgupta, D. Floreano, J. Foster, M. Harman, O. Holland, P. Lanzi, A. Tettamanzi, D. Thierens, A. Tyrrell (ed.); issued by: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3102; Springer, 2004, ISBN: 3-540-22343-6, 1304 - 1315.

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