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G. Pölzlbauer, M. Dittenbach, A. Rauber:
"Gradient visualization of grouped component planes on the SOM lattice";
Poster: Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps (WSOM'05), Paris, Frankreich; 2005-09-05 - 2005-09-08; in: "Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps", (2005), 331 - 338.

English abstract:
The Self-Organizing Map has been successfully applied in numerous industrial applications. An important task in data analysis is finding and visualizing multiple dependencies in data. In this paper, we propose a method for visualizing the Self-Organizing Map by decomposing the feature dimensions into groups with high correlation or selections by domain experts. Using Gradient Visualization we plot a vector field for each of these groups on top of the map lattice, with arrows pointing towards the nearest cluster center. We provide a real-world example from the domain of petroleum engineering and point out our technique's usefulness in understanding mutual dependencies hidden in the data.

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