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D. Divotkey, H. Eidenberger:
"Content-based Querying Embedded in Multimedia Presentations";
Poster: IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing Workshop, Shanghai; 2005-10-30 - 2005-11-03; in: "Proceedings IEEE MMSP 2005", (2005).

English abstract:
This paper presents a solution for integrating content-based multimedia retrieval with semantics-based content selection techniques, content adaptation, composition and delivery. The integration of several approaches of these domains provides users of digital information systems with a powerful toolkit. We focus on the generation of multimedia presentations and templates that can be reused. In this context, we propose a novel approach where content-based querying is embedded into multimedia presentations. Queries are executed when presentations are consumed. Hence, the requested media data are retrieved ad hoc.

Visual Information Retrieval, Content-Based Querying, Multimedia Presentations, User Preferences and Device Capabilities, VizIR, CoCoMA

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