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V. Havran, A. Neumann, G. Zotti, W. Purgathofer, H.-P. Seidel:
"On Cross-Validation and Resampling of BRDF Data Measurements";
Talk: Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, Budmerice, Slovakia; 2005-05-12 - 2005-05-14; in: "Proceedings of Spring Conference on Computer Graphics", ACM SIGGRAPH, (2005).

English abstract:
We discuss the validation of BTF data measurements by means used for BRDF measurements. First, we show how to apply the Helmholtz reciprocity and isotropy for a single data set. Second, we discuss a cross-validation for BRDF measurement data obtained from two different measurement setups, where the measurements are not calibrated or the level of accuracy is not known. We show the practical problems encountered and the solutions we have used to validate physical setup for four material samples. We describe a novel coordinate system suitable for resampling the BRDF data from one data set to another data set. Further, we show how the perceptually uniform color space CIELab is used for cross-comparison of BRDF data measurements, which were not calibrated.

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