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E. Coto, S Grimm, St. Bruckner, E. Gröller, A. Kanitsar, O. Rodriguez:
"MammoExplorer: An Advanced CAD Application for Breast DCE-MRI";
Talk: Vision Modeling and Visualization, Erlangen, Deutschland; 2005-11-16 - 2005-11-18; in: "Vision Modeling and Visualization 2005", G. Greiner, J. Hornegger, H. Niemann, M. Stamminger (ed.); (2005), ISBN: 3898380688; 91 - 98.

English abstract:
Currently X-ray mammography is the most widely used method for early detection of breast cancer. However, the use of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) has gained wider attention, since it considerably improves tumor detection and classification by analyzing the flow of contrast agent within the breast tissue. In this paper we present MammoExplorer, a CAD application that combines advanced interaction, segmentation and visualization techniques to explore Breast DCE-MRI data. Our application uses Brushing and Linking, Two-level Volume Rendering, Importance-driven Volume Rendering, and False Color Maps. In addition, we present Enhancement Scatterplots, a novel graphical representation of DCE-MRI data, novel segmentation approaches, and a new way to explore time-varying CE-MRI data.

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