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J. Widder, G. Le Lann, U. Schmid:
"Failure Detection with Booting in Partially Synchronous Systems";
Talk: European Dependable Computing Conference, Budapest, Ungarn; 2005-04-20 - 2005-04-22; in: "Dependable Computing Conference - EDCC5", (2005), 20 - 37.

English abstract:
Unreliable failure detectors are a well known means to enrich asynchronous distributed systems with time-free semantics that allow to solve consensus in the presence of crash failures. Implementing unreliable failure detectors requires a system that provides some synchrony, typically an upper bound on end-to-end message delays. Recently, we introduced an implementation of the perfect failure detector in a novel partially synchronous model, referred to as the Model, where only the ratio Theta of maximum vs. minimum end-to-end delay of messages that are simultaneously in transit must be known a priori (while the actual delays need not be known and not even be bounded). In this paper, we present an alternative failure detector algorithm, which is based on a clock synchronization algorithm for the Model. It not only surpasses our first implementation with respect to failure detection time, but also works during the system booting phase.

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