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M. Biely, G. Le Lann, U. Schmid:
"Proof-Based System Engineering Using a Virtual System Model";
Talk: International Service Availability Symposium, Berlin, Deutschland; 2005-04-25 - 2005-04-26; in: "Service Availability", (2005), 164 - 179.

English abstract:
This paper provides an overview of Proof-Based System Engineering (PBSE), which aims at improving the current practice of developing computer-based systems. PBSE is of particular relevance for critical applications and other systems where dependability properties are essential, as in the aerospace domain targeted in the EC FP6 Integrated Project ASSERT. Applying PBSE both permits to eliminate most common design faults before embarking on the development of a system and maximizes reuse, which leads to significant savings in time and budgets. Particular emphasis is put upon the requirement capture phase of PBSE, where a virtual system model is used as a novel means to structure the information to be captured.

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