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R. Pallierer, M. Horauer, M Zauner, A. Steininger, E. Armengaud, F Rothensteiner:
"A Generic Tool for Systematic Tests in Embedded Automotive Communication Systems";
in: "Embedded World 2005", unbekannt, 2005.

English abstract:
Systematic Test of Embedded Automotive Communication Systems is the focus of the so-called STEACS project - a partnership between academia and industry. The main emphasis in respect of automotive communication systems is laid on the communication protocol FlexRay. The goal is to achieve a systematic test approach and to evaluate the feasibility by corresponding prototype implementations. This paper presents one of the results of the project, a generic tool basis supporting monitoring and diagnosis methods for FlexRay based systems, with interfaces to other products, such as CAN, and digital and analog input signals.

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Project Head Andreas Steininger:
Systematischer Test von eingebetteten Kommunikationssystemen im Auto

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