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E. Armengaud, A. Steininger, M. Horauer:
"An Efficient Test and Diagnosis Environment for Communication Controllers";
Talk: Austrochip, Wien; 2005-10-06; in: "Austrochip 2005", ???, (2005).

English abstract:
Testing is of utmost importance at several development stages of electronic systems; this is especially true for tightly coupled distributed embedded systems. This paper presents a test environment that allows to log bus-traffic of an automotive cluster relying on the emerging FlexRay bus protocol. While a real-life cluster allows for fast test pattern application, only limited insight can be shed onto the internals of the nodes for diagnosis. Our approach allows to efficiently switch between hardware and simulation by mapping the logged real-life data to a HDL simulation testbench for the system-under-test. This allows us to gain deeper insights and eventually reveal the causes of the faults observed and recorded on the real hardware.

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Project Head Andreas Steininger:
Systematischer Test von eingebetteten Kommunikationssystemen im Auto

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