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F. Puntigam:
"Reliable Shared Memory Communication: A Position Statement on Synchronization and Composition";
Talk: 2nd ECOOP Workshop on Programm Languages and Operating Systems (ECOOP-PLOS'05), Glasgow, UK; 2005-07-26; in: "2nd ECOOP Workshop on Programm Languages and Operating Systems (ECOOP-PLOS'05)", (2005), 5 pages.

English abstract:
Much work was done on distributed shared memory and consistent shared memory models. However, communication through shared memory (read after write) is a low-level language-concept - too low for many programming tasks if not protected by a type system. We propose static types to enforce proper synchronization of shared memory communication in concurrent and even some sequential cases. For component composition this approach (and other type-based techniques) can probably profit from support of certification by the operating system.

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