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E. Armengaud, A. Steininger, M. Horauer:
"A Method for Bit Level Test and Diagnosis of Communication Services";
Talk: IEEE International Workshop on Desgin & Diagnostic of Electronic Circuits and Systems, Sopron; 2005-04-13 - 2005-04-16; in: "Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Design & Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits & Systems (DDECS) 2005", (2005), 69 - 74.

English abstract:
Accurate test and diagnosis of communication services - especially at the data link layer - is a pre-requisite for the validation of reliable distributed systems as required in the automotive domain. Particularly, observability and controllability of the bus traffic directly at the deepest digital level enables access to information typically filtered out by dedicated communication controller hardware during normal continuous operation. Given a fixed time interval, however, accurate usually implies large volume of data which might flood the end user or increase the test complexity and paradoxically constrain the test activity. It is the goal of this work to analyze the trade-off between accuracy and data volume and present solutions to minimize the data volume while enabling efficient test and detailed diagnosis of serial communication protocols. To that aim, the notion of bit level is extended by defining and comparing two abstraction levels. According to their properties, the optimal representation format is discussed and different modes for trigger and filter operations are highlighted in order to automatically reduce the data volume and explicitly access only the information the end user is interested in. During a second part, a modular architecture is presented to enable access at the two abstraction levels presented previously. Some implementation details are described to explain how the concepts discussed before have been realized. Finally, experiments are conducted with the FlexRay communication protocol to prove the concepts and illustrate the improvements achieved for test and diagnosis of distributed systems when the bit level can be accessed.

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Systematischer Test von eingebetteten Kommunikationssystemen im Auto

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