Publications in Scientific Journals:

D. Gracanin, K. Matkovic, M. Eltoweissy:
"Software Visualization";
Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, 1 (2005), 2; 221 - 230.

English abstract:
The field of software visualization (SV) investigates approaches and techniques for static and dynamic graphical representations of algorithms, programs (code), and processed data. SV is concerned primarily with the analysis of programs and their development. The goal is to improve our understanding of inherently invisible and intangible software, particularly when dealing with large information spaces that characterize domains like software maintenance, reverse engineering, and collaborative development. The main challenge is to find effective mappings from different software aspects to graphical representations using visual metaphors. This paper provides an overview of the SV research, describes current research directions, and includes an extensive list of recommended readings.

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