Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

D. Markovic, E. Stavrakis, M. Gelautz:
"Parameterized Sketches from Stereo Images";
Poster: SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, San Jose, USA; 2005-01-16 - 2005-01-20; in: "Proceedings of SPIE - Image and Video Communications and Processing 2005, Volume 5685", (2005), 783 - 791.

English abstract:
In this paper we present an algorithm to automatically generate sketches from stereo image pairs. Stereo analysis is
initially performed on the input stereo pair to estimate a dense depth map. An Edge Combination image is computed by
localising object contour edges, as indicated by the depth map, within the intensity reference image. We then
approximate these pixel-represented contours by devising a new parametric curve fitting algorithm. The algorithm
successfully recovers a minimum number of control points required to fit a Bézier curve onto the pixel-edge dataset in
the Edge Combination image. Experiments demonstrate how the Edge Combination algorithm, used for dominant edge
extraction, can be combined with a curve fitting algorithm to automatically provide parameterized artistic sketches or
concept drawings of a real scene.

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