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F. Ledermann, D. Schmalstieg:
"APRIL: A High-level Framework for Creating Augmented Reality Presentations";
Talk: IEEE Virtual Reality 2005, Bonn, DE; 2005-03-12 - 2005-03-16; in: "Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality 2005", (2005), ISBN: 0-7803-8929-8; 187 - 194.

English abstract:
While Augmented Reality (AR) technology is steadily maturing, application development is still lacking advanced authoring tools -- even the simple presentation of information, which should not require any programming, is not systematically addressed by development tools. Moreover, there is also a severe lack of agreed techniques or best practices for the structuring of AR content. In this paper we present APRIL, the Augmented Presentation and Interaction Languge, an authoring platform for AR presentations which provides concepts and techniques that are independent of specific applications or target hardware platforms, and should be suitable to raise the level of abstraction on which AR content creators can operate.

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