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B. Krüpl, M. Herzog:
"Visually Guided Bottom-Up Table Detection and Segmentation in Web Documents";
Poster: WWW2006, Edinburgh, Scotland; 2006-05-22 - 2006-05-26; in: "Conference Proceedings of WWW 2006", (2006), ISBN: 085432853x; 933 - 934.

English abstract:
In the AllRight project, we are developing an algorithm for unsupervised table detection and segmentation that uses the visual rendition of a Web page rather than the HTML code. Our algorithm works bottom-up by grouping word bounding boxes into larger groups and uses a set of heuristics. It has already been implemented and a preliminary evaluation on about 6000 Web documents has been carried out.

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Project Head Reinhard Pichler:
Know it All and Know it Right: High Quality Mining in the Web

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