Publications in Scientific Journals:

G. Pölzlbauer, M. Dittenbach, A. Rauber:
"Advanced visualization of Self-Organizing Maps with vector fields";
Neural Networks, 19 (2006), 6-7; 911 - 922.

English abstract:
Self-Organizing Maps have been applied in various industrial applications and have proven to be a valuable data mining tool.
In order to fully benefit from their potential, advanced visualization techniques assist the user in analyzing and interpreting the maps.
We propose two new methods for depicting the SOM based on vector fields, namely the Gradient Field and Borderline visualization techniques, to show the clustering structure at various levels of detail. We explain how this method can be used on aggregated parts of the SOM that show which factors contribute to the clustering structure, and show how to use it for finding correlations and dependencies in the underlying data. We provide examples on several artificial and real-world data sets to point out the strengths of our technique, specifically as a means to combine different types of visualizations offering effective multidimensional information visualization of SOMs.

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