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M. Heindl, S. Biffl, A. Egyed:
"Value-Based Selection of Requirements Engineering Tool Support";
Talk: Euromicro International Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia; 2006-08-29 - 2006-09-01; in: "Software Engineering and Advanced Applications,2006, 32nd EUROMICRO Conference", IEEE Computer Society, California, USA (2006), ISBN: 0-7695-2594-6; 266 - 273.

English abstract:
In large software and systems engineering companies
like Siemens PSE there are several requirements
tools in use. There is no "one tool fits all projects/
departments" solution for requirements engineering
due to the variety of departments and project types.
Thus, project managers and requirements engineers
usually face the problem of selecting the most suitable
tool sets available for their given situation.
In this paper, we report on a value-based requirements
tool selection approach developed at PSE that
helps to find the optimal tool support. This selection is
based on rating the value contribution of suitablydefined
tool features for the given project context. We
conducted an initial feasibility study with a number of
typical requirements tools at PSE. Main results were:
The approach is straight-forward and seems to be a
good means for project managers to compare requirements
tools and select the most valuable tool for a particular

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