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F. Rosenberg, C. Platzer, S. Dustdar:
"Bootstrapping Performance and Dependability Attributes of Web Services";
Talk: 2006 IEEE International Conference on Web Services - ICWS 2006, Chicago, Illinois, USA; 2006-09-18 - 2006-09-22; in: "Proceedings of the ICWS 2006", IEEE Inc., (2006), ISBN: 0-7695-2669-1; 205 - 212.

English abstract:
Recently, Web services gain momentum for developing flexible service-oriented architectures. Quality of service (QoS) issues are currently not part of the Web service standard stack, although non-functional attributes like perfomance, dependability or cost and payment play an important role for service discovery, selection, and composition. A lot of research is dedicated to different QoS models, at the same time omitting a way to specify how QoS parameters (esp. the performance related aspects) are assessed, evaluated, and constantly monitored. Our contribution in this paper comprises a) an evaluation approach for QoS attributes of Web services, which works completely server- and provider independent, b) a method to analyse Web service interactions by using our evaluation tool and extract important QoS information without any knowledge about the service implementation. Furthermore our implementation allows assessing performance specific values (such as latency or service processing time) that usually require access to the server which hosts the service. The result of the evaluation process can be used to enrich existing Web service descriptions with a set of up-to-date QoS attributes, therefore, making it a valuable instrument for Web service selection.

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