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M. Heindl, S. Biffl:
"Risk Management with Enhanced Tracing of Requirements Rationale in Highly Distributed Projects";
Talk: International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), Shanghai; 2006-05-20 - 2006-05-28; in: "First International Workshop on Global Software Development for the Practitioner at the Int. Conf. on Software Engineering", ACM, NY (2006), ISBN: 1-59593-375-1; 20 - 26.

English abstract:
A recent survey with project managers of highly distributed
projects at Siemens Program and Systems Engineering (PSE)
brought up as main challenges: more severe communication
hurdles compared to collocated teams and higher effort to
communicate requirements in the team. In this paper, we address
requirements tracing options to facilitate risk management with
requirements clarification, collaboration, and knowledge
management. We propose concepts for enhanced requirements
tracing that include the rationale for requirements, related
decisions, their history; and stakeholder value propositions. We
sketch a cost-benefit model that helps the project manager to
understand what tracing approach is worthwhile to address
requirements risk in a project. The outcome lays the basis for
planning empirical studies at PSE.

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