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U. Zdun, C. Hentrich:
"Patterns for Process-Oriented Integration in Service-Oriented Architectures";
Talk: EuroPLoP 2006 - 11th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, Irsee, Deutschland; 2006-07-05 - 2006-07-09; in: "Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (EuroPLoP 2006)", (2006), ISBN: 9783879408139; 141 - 198.

English abstract:
Service-Oriented Architectures are increasingly used in the context of business processes, but the proven practices for the integration of services and processes are not well explained so far. For the integration of services and processes many different concerns, ranging from technical to architectureal to business-related concerns, must be considered, and combinations of these concerns that are well working in a given architecture are not obvious. in this paper we tackle this problem by presenting patterns for process-oriented integration of services in a service-oriented architecture. The patterns follow a general conceptual distinction into a macroflow level, distinguishing long-running, business processes from short-running, technical processes. The architectural pattern PROCESS-BASED INTEGRATION ARCHITECTURE guides the design of a generic architecture based on this distinction, and is refined by a number of design patterns which depict individual design decisions within the scope of this architectural pattern.

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