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R. Kirner, P. Puschner, I. Wenzel, B. Rieder:
"Portable Data Exchange for Remote-Testing Frameworks";
Talk: IEEE International Symposium on Object-oriented Real-time distributed Computing (ISORC), Gyeongju, Korea; 2006-04-24 - 2006-04-26; in: "Proceedings of the Ninth IEEE International Symposium on Object and Component-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing", IEEE, (2006), ISBN: 0-7695-2561-x.

English abstract:
To communicate between heterogeneous computer systems, mechanisms for data conversion are necessary. In this paper we present a portable, asymmetric data conversion method that is suitable for remote testing frameworks in embedded systems development. The described method takes the resource limitations of embedded systems into account by doing the data conversion at the testing host. The method can be implemented as platform-independent source code and it avoids the need of recompiling the code of a communication partner if the code of the other communication partner is migrated to a different platform.

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