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A. Ademaj, H. Kopetz, P. Grillinger, K. Steinhammer, M. Prammer:
"Integration of Predictable and Flexible In-Vehicle Communication using Time-Triggered Ethernet";
Talk: SAE World Congress, Detroit, USA; 2006-04-03 - 2006-04-06; in: "SAE Worl Congress", SAE International, (2006), ISBN: 0-7680-1763-7.

English abstract:
This paper presents a novel communication architecture denoted as time-triggered (TT) Ethernet that integrates real-time and non-real-time traffic into a single communication architecture. TT Ethernet supports applications of different levels of criticality, from simple data acquisition systems, to multimedia systems up to the most demanding fault-tolerant real-time control systems. The event triggered traffic in TT Ethernet is handled in conformance with the existing Ethernet standards of the IEEE. The architecture deploys a TT Ethernet switch, which distinguishes between event-triggered (ET) and time-triggered (TT) Ethernet traffic. Time-triggered traffic is transmitted with a predictable transmission delay, whereas event-triggered traffic is transmitted on a best-effort basis. The paper elaborates on the usage of TT Ethernet for in-vehicle communication in order to integrate different in-vehicle communication subsystems into a single communication architecture.

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