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S. Kandl, R. Kirner, G. Fraser:
"Verification of Platform-Independent and Platform-Specific Semantics of Dependable Embedded Systems";
Talk: 3rd International Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems, Leeds, UK; 2006-10-01; in: "3rd International Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems, Proceedings", (2006), 17 - 21.

English abstract:
The behavior of a dependable embedded system is affected by many factors. The verification process of such a system has to consider the platform-independent as well as the platform-specific semantics of the developed software. In this work we focus on the differentiation of the platform-dependent and platform-specific characteristics of a system under test and present a unified framework that shows the correctness of a an embedded system in two steps: First we verify the platform-independent semantics by showing that the system under test conforms to the specification. This is done by means of formal verification. Secondly we prove if the platform-specific semantics of the system on the target platform still conforms to the requirements defined in the specification. This step is realized by applying automatically generated test cases to the system under test on the target platform.

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