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M. Magrini, T. Giunti, G. Bertini, A. Rauber, T. Lidy:
"Un metodo basato su DSP per l'enhancement dei transienti nella musica registrata (A DSP-based method for transient restoration of recorded music)";
Talk: DSP Application Day 2006, Milano, Italy; 2006-09-18; in: "DSP Application Day 2006", (2006), 12 pages.

English abstract:
The set of audio treatment methods commonly used in the mastering process of commercial music tends to increase the loudness perception of the final audio product, obtaining a “fat” sound that can be played with sufficient quality on low level audio devices, such as small radios or computer loudspeaker. The side effects of these audio processes are the loss in dynamic range and poor transients. We have proposed a method for time domain transient restorations of recorded music, easily implementable with low cost Digital Signal Processors i.e. in stand alone device or included in HW (iPod like) or SW (Winamp like) audio player applications. The way to automatically tune the effect by on-the-fly features extraction from the songs played is under study. This goal is developed jointly with a research group of TU Wien working in music classification and retrival, in the framework of EU MUSCLE-NOE project.

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