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F. Puntigam:
"From Static to Dynamic Process Types";
Talk: International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT 2006), Setubal, Portugal; 2006-09-11 - 2006-09-14; in: "ICSOFT 2006, First International Conference on Software and Data Technologies", INSTICC Press, Vol. 1 (2006), ISBN: 972-8865-69-4; 21 - 28.

English abstract:
Process types - a kind of behavioral types - specify constraints on message acceptance for the purpose of synchronization and to determine object usage and component behavior in object-oriented languages. So far process types have been regarded as a purely static concept for Actor languages incompatible with inherently dynamic programming techniques. We propose solutions of related problems causing the approach to become useable in more conventional dynamic and concurrent languagues. The proposed approach can ensure message acceptability and support local and static checking of race-free programs.

process types, synchronization, type systems, race-free programs

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