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B. Korherr, B. List:
"Aligning Business Processes and Software - Connecting the UML 2 Profile for Event Driven Process Chains with Use Cases and Components";
Poster: The 18th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Luxembourg (eingeladen); 09.06.2006; in: "Forum Proceedings: The 18th International conference on Advances Information Systems Engineering", (2006), S. 19 - 22.

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The alignment between business processes and software is inadequately supported in conceptual modelling, although business processes are often the starting point for software development and define requirements for software systems. To address this gap, we connect the UML 2 profile for Event Driven Process Chains (EPCs) with UML 2 elements representing software requirements and components. The approach is tested with an example business process.

UML 2, UML Profile, Business Process, Activity Diagram

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