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M. Mlejnek, P. Ermes, A. Vilanova i Bartroli, R. van der Rijt, H. van der Bosch, E. Gröller, F. Gerritsen:
"Application-Oriented Extensions of Profile Flags";
Talk: Eurographics /IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization, Lissabon, Portugal; 2006-05-08 - 2006-05-10; in: "Data Visualization/ Eurovis 2006", B. Sousa Santos, T. Ertl, K. Joy (ed.); (2006), ISBN: 3-905673-31-2.

English abstract:
This paper discusses two applications of probing dense volumetric data for MR orthopedics and dynamic contrast enhanced MRI mammography. In order not to reduce the context information and to extract the essential part of the data, we apply Profile Flags. A Profile Flag is a 3D glyph for probing and annotating the volumetric data. The first application area deals with visualization of T2 profiles for interactive inspection of knee cartilage and detection of lesions. In the second application, we present the usability the Profile Flags for measuring of time-signal profiles for a set of time-dependent MR volumes. Several extensions of the basic Profile Flag concept are described in detail and discussed. These extensions include selection of a set of profiles based on spatial as well as curve differences, automatic positioning of the Profile Flags, and adaptation for probing of time-varying volumetric data. Additionally, we include the evaluation of the used methods by our medical partners.

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