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P. Rautek, I. Viola, E. Gröller:
"Caricaturistic Visualization";
Talk: IEEE Visualization, Baltimore, USA; 2006-10-29 - 2006-11-03.

English abstract:
Caricatures are pieces of art depicting persons or sociological conditions in a non-veridical way. In both cases caricatures are referring to a reference model. The deviations from the reference model are the characteristic features of the depicted subject. Good caricatures exaggerate the characteristics of a subject in order to accent them. The concept of caricaturistic visualization is based on the caricature metaphor. The aim of caricaturistic visualization is an illustrative depiction of characteristics of a given dataset by exaggerating deviations from the reference model. We present the general concept of caricaturistic visualization as well as a variety of examples. We investigate different visual representations for the depiction of caricatures. Further, we present the caricature matrix, a technique to make differences between datasets easily identifiable.

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