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G. Zotti, A Wilkie, W. Purgathofer:
"Using Virtual Reconstructions in a Planetarium for Demonstrations in Archaeo-Astronomy";
Talk: Central European Multimedia and Virtual Reality Conference (CEMVRC), Eger, Hungary; 2006-11-06 - 2006-11-08; in: "Proceeding CEMVRC2006", C. Sik Lanyi (ed.); (2006), 43 - 52.

English abstract:
In the last decades, archaeologists in central Europe have found traces of enigmatic neolithic circular building structures buried in the soil. Recent studies indicate that the orientation of many of their doorways may have been chosen with an astronomical background in mind.

This paper explains the use of virtual reconstructions of these buildings from archaeological data, in combination with a simulation of the sky of that time in a Planetarium, to present the astronomical findings to the public.

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