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I. Viola, M. Costa Sousa, D. Ebert, B. Andrews, B. Gooch, St. Bruckner, B. Preim, D. Stredney, N. Svakhine, Ch. Tietjen:
"IEEE Visualization Tutorial on Illustrative Visualization for Science and Medicine";
Talk: IEEE Visualization, Baltimore, USA; 2006-10-29 - 2006-11-03.

English abstract:
This tutorial presents recent research and developments from academia in illustrative visualization focusing on its use for medical/science subjects. Lectures are organized within a comprehensive illustration framework, focusing on three main components:

. Traditional and computerized illustration techniques and principles for technical and scientific subjects

. Evaluation and practical use

. Viewing & rendering

Presentation of topics is balanced between descriptions of traditional methods and practices, practical implementation motivated approaches and evaluation, and detailed descriptions and analysis of illustrative techniques and algorithms. We begin in the morning with a lecture presenting an overview of traditional illustration for technical, scientific, and medical subjects. This is followed by a description of the main components in an illustrative visualization pipeline for developing systems to assist technical and scientific illustrators. The tutorial progresses with an overview of the techniques used in illustration as well as approaches to evaluate their use and effectiveness. The morning concludes with the start of the "viewing and rendering" section. The three lectures in this section describe the latest approaches in computerized illustration algorithms for scientific and medical data for both surface and volumetric data, covering techniques from silhouette enhancement to stippling, to cut-away viewing, labeling, and focus+context rendering. Each of the lectures also discusses practical issues in making these techniques interactive and their use for different application domains. The tutorial includes a trained medical illustrator discussing the principles/caveats/issues in using illustration techniques in real-world medical applications. This lecture will also describe an evaluation, from an illustratorīs point of view, of the use and quality of the techniques presented throughout the day. The tutorial concludes with discussion on specific medical case studies where illustrative visualization has been effectively applied.

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