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A Wilkie, A. Weidlich, C. Larboulette, W. Purgathofer:
"A Reflectance Model for Diffuse Fluorescent Surfaces";
Talk: International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (Graphite), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2006-11-29 - 2006-12-02; in: "Proceedings of Graphite 2006", (2006), 321 - 328.

English abstract:
Fluorescence is an interesting and visually prominent effect, which has not been fully covered by Computer Graphics research so far.

While the physical phenomenon of fluorescence has been addressed in isolation, the actual reflection behaviour of real fluorescent surfaces has never been documented, and no analytical BRDF models for such surfaces have been published yet.

This paper aims to illustrate the reflection properties typical for diffuse fluorescent surfaces, and provides a BRDF model based on a layered microfacet approach that mimics them.

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