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G. Gridling, B. Weiss, W. Elmenreich, C. Trödhandl:
"Embedded Systems Exams With True/False Questions: A Case Study";
Talk: Second IASTED International Conference on Education and Technology, Calgary; 2006-07-17 - 2006-07-19; in: "Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Education and Technology", (2006), 168 - 172.

English abstract:
With increasing student numbers and decreasing budgets, undergraduate embedded systems education needs to turn to Computer-aided Assessment (CAA) techniques to keep down the time and effort invested into grading. When setting up the mandatory embedded systems courses for the bachelor study �Computer Engineering� at our univer sity, we thus payed particular attention to employ CAA compatible exam styles which ultimately allow courses to be conducted in a distance learning setting. In this paper, we present our theory exam style, which mainly consists of true/false questions, describe our experiences with the ex ams, motivate our changes to improve student acceptance, and discuss possible improvements of our current exam style.

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