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K. Matkovic, J. Siegler, M. Kompast, T. Psik, I. Wagner:
"The 3D Wunderkammer, An Indexing by Placing Approach to the Image Storage and Retriveal";
Talk: Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (TPCG, Birmingham, UK; 2003-06-03 - 2003-06-05; in: "Proceedings of Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (TPCG) 2003", (2003), ISBN: 0769519423.

English abstract:
The explosion of storage media size, and spreading of the internet in the last decade resulted in a huge amount of images and multimedia material an average user has to deal with. Traditional use of filenames and directories is just not sufficient any more. In contrast to the keywording and some kind of content based image retrieval, we introduce a novel approach of storing and retrieving images, and other multimedia material using indexing by placing mechanism. The idea is to let the user place the images in the 3D environment, where the user can find the images easily again. The images can be collected, modified, grouped together,... The principles described in the paper are implemented in the 3D Wunderkammer system which is a multi-user client-server application. The server is completely written in Java and the client runs in a standard Web browser with a standard VRML plug-in.

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