Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

K. Matkovic, T. Psik, I. Wagner:
"The Sensitive Sample";
Talk: Workshop Beyond Wand and Glove Based Interaction, Chicago, USA; 2004-03-28; in: "Proceedings of Beyond Wand and Glove Based Interaction 2004", (2004).

English abstract:
This paper describes Sensitive Samples - everyday artifacts turned into tangible user interfaces, while preserving their original look. The solution presented is inexpensive and is build on fairly simple technology. The system supports multiple samples simultaneously. Sensitive Samples were tested at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Various objects, ranging from a simple paper cube up to complex architecture models were turned into sensitive samples. The technical realization and two application examples - The Control Cube and Materialkammer - are described in the paper. The Control Cube can be used to trigger six different actions. Materialkammer describes an inspirational learning environment where architecture students can get familiar with materials in an unconventional way.

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