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M. Pohl, M. Rester, P. Judmaier, F. Reichl, J. Jerlich, E. Obermüller, K. Stöckelmayr:
"Designing Communication and Cooperation Processes for Adult Learners";
Vortrag: 10th IACEE World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education (WCCEE), Vienna; 19.04.2006 - 21.04.2006; in: "Proceedings of the 10th IACEE World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education (WCCEE)", M. Jones, A. Krieger, F. Reichl, A. Steiner (Hrg.); Vienna University of Technology, (2006), ISBN: 3-85288-200-1; S. 1 - 5.

Kurzfassung englisch:
ECODESIGN is an e-learning system teaching sustainable product design to adult learners. The target group are product designers, marketing people and other professionals in that area. E-learning systems for this target group have to be designed carefully because of the specific needs of such (adult) learners. Many members of this target group lack the computer literacy to use advanced forms of electronic communication. An online tutor accompanied the learners during the course and organized all communication processes. In e-learning, electronic forms of communication have to be included. Nevertheless, it is necessary to decide in advance which forms are appropriate for the target group.

e-learning, communication, collaboration, sustainable product design

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