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R. Pedersen, M. Schoeberl:
"An Embedded Support Vector Machine";
Talk: 4th Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems - (WISES06), Vienna, Austria; 2006-06-30; in: "Fourth International Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems, Proceedings", (2006), ISBN: 3-902463-06-6; 79 - 89.

English abstract:
In this paper we work on the balance between hardware and software implementation of a machine learning algorithm, which belongs to the area of statistical learning theory. We use system-on-chip technology to demonstrate the potential usefulness of moving the critical sections of an algorithm into HW: the so-called hardware/software balance. Our experiments show that the approach can achieve speedups using a complex machine learning algorithm called a support vector machine. The experiments are conducted on a real-time Java Virtual Machine named Java Optimized Processor.

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