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W. Herzner, B. Huber, A. Balogh, G. Csertan:
"The DECOS Tool-Chain: Model-Based Development of Distributed Embedded Safety-Critical Real-time Systems";
Talk: SAFECOMP, Gdansk, Poland; 2006-09-26 - 2006-09-29; in: "DECOS/ERCIM Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems at SAFECOMP 2006, Proceedings", (2006).

English abstract:
Developing safety-critical systems demands the exploitation of every opportunity to avoid design and development faults, in particular with respect to its software. Besides intensive testing, which can uncover a certain amount of faults in the already developed system, an important means to minimize the risk of faults is to control the complete design and development process in a way which helps to minimize the risks for coding errors, as well as to maximize the coherence of the resulting system with the initial requirements. In the European integrated project DECOS, which aims at the provision of enabling technologies for the development of embedded, distributed systems of mixed but up to highest criticality, a model-based tool-chain is therefore under development, encompassing all software design and development aspects, which is presented in this paper.

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