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S. Beyer, M.-C. Banuls, P. Galdamez, J. Osrael, F. Munoz-Escoí:
"Increasing Availability in a Replicated Partitionable Distríbuted Object System";
Talk: ISPA 2006, Sorrento, Italien; 2006-12-04 - 2006-12-06; in: "Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications", M. Guo, L. Yang, B. Di Martino, H. Zima, J. Dongarra, F. Tang (ed.); Springer, LNCS 4330 (2006), ISBN: 3-540-68067-5; 682 - 695.

English abstract:
Replication objects in distributed object systems provides fault-tolerance and increases availability. We have designed a replication protocol for distributed object systems that provides increased availability by relaxing consistency temporarily. The protocol allows all partitions in a partitioned system to continue operating. The states of certain replicas are allowed to diverge. The application programmer can specify the required consistency using integrity constraints.
We present an analytical model of the new protocol and evaluate it against the primary partition model, where only a majority partition is allowed to continue. Futhermore, we identify the type of application for which our protocol provides increased availability.

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