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H. Hoang, A. Tjoa, A. Anjomshoaa:
"VQS - An Ontology-based Query System for the SemanticLIFE Digital Memory Project";
Talk: SWWS06 - The 2nd IFIP WG 2.12 & 12.4 International Workshop on Web Semantics held conjunction wioth OTM06, Montpellier, France; 2006-11-01 - 2006-11-03; in: "Proceedings of the 2nd IFIP WG 2.12 & 12.4 International Workshop on Web Semantics", Springer, LNCS 4278 (2006), ISBN: -978-3-540-48273-4; 1796 - 1805.

English abstract:
Ever increasing capacities of contemporary storage devices inspire the vision to accumulate (personal) information without the need
of deleting old data over a long time-span. Hence the target of the SemanticLIFE project is to create a Personal Information Management
system for a human lifetime data. One of the most important characteristics of the system is its dedication to retrieve information in a very
e±cient way. By adopting user demands regarding the reduction of ambiguities, our approach aims at a user-oriented and yet powerful enough system with a satisfactory query performance. In this paper, we introduce the query system of SemanticLIFE, the Virtual Query System, which uses emerging Semantic Web technologies to fulfill users' requirements.

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Project Head A Min Tjoa:
Anwendung von Semantic-Web-Konzepten für betriebliche Informationsmanagementsysteme

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