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K. Mustofa, A. Tjoa:
"Building Ontology-Based Annotations for Personal Information Management Systems - The SemanticLIFE Design and Implementation Case";
Talk: ICOCI06 - The IEEE International Conference on Computing & Informatics, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2006-06-06 - 2006-06-08; in: "International Conference on Computing and Informatics (ICOCI)", (2006), 6 pages.

English abstract:
Since the introduction of the
Semantic Web idea, many tools have been
developed to harvest the advantage of machineunderstandable
data. Ontology and metadata are
the two basic enabling requirements therefore.
SemanticLIFE is a Personal Information
Management system which deals with data and
metadata originating from various sources. Being
developed on the basis of Semantic Web
technology standards, the system involves
ontologies and represents metadata in RDF(S) or

To enrich metadata for the system, semantic
annotation is considered essential and hence this
paper discusses the annotation approach
implemented for SemanticLIFE. Due to the variety
of data sources, annotation is not solely addressed
to web pages, but also extended to emails, files and
other supported data types. The annotation toolmodule
described in this paper provides users with
an ontology-based way of producing relationshipmetadata
by either creating new instances or by
specifying relationships amongst existing instances.
This metadata creation process is facilitated by an
ontology-supported navigation and the support of
inference mechanisms on already existing

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