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M. Proske, C. Trödhandl, T. Handl:
"Distance Labs - Embedded Systems @home";
Talk: Edutainment 2006, Zhejiang; 2006-04-14 - 2006-04-18; in: "Journal of Computational Information Systems", (2006), 435 - 444.

English abstract:
Introducing remote-teaching into hardware-centered courses is a difficult endeavor -- especially if one tries to retain the hands-on experience of a typical lab course. This paper introduces three different approaches for implementing distance labs in hardware-centered courses. With the Microcontroller course we will show an example where the hardware can be made inexpensive enough that every student can be supplied with his or her own hardware. An other approach is the implementation of remote workplaces, where targets are controlled remotely over the Internet. We used two courses with differing constraints, Digital Design and Embedded Systems Programming to evaluate two kinds of remote workplaces. This paper will give a guideline for what circumstances which approach is favorable.

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