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J. Sampson, C. Veres, M. Lanzenberger:
"An Integrated Approach to Organizational Data Interoperability";
Talk: Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications Conference, I-ESA'06, Bordeaux, France; 2006-03-22 - 2006-03-24; in: "Enterprise Interoperability, New Challenges and Approaches", Springer, London (2007), ISBN: 978-1-84628-713-8; 387 - 396.

English abstract:
Organizational interoperability is facilitated by mapping legacy database schemas to ontology models and using techniques for the alignment of ontologies. Refactoring of database schemas is important in this context because they represent complex agreements established between the designers, users and stakeholders within an organization. We describe an integrated set of tools and techniques for supporting the complete life cycle including validation of legacy schemas, transforming them into ontologies, and ensuring quality ontology alignment.

Interoperability, Ontology, Mapping, Alignment

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