Publications in Scientific Journals:

J. Sampson, M. Lanzenberger:
"Visual Ontology Alignment for Semantic Web Applications";
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berlin / Heidelberg (2006), 4231; 405 - 414.

English abstract:
Ontologies play an important role for the semantic web because they aim at capturing domain knowledge in a generic way and provide a consensual understanding of a domain. Due to the number of ontologies available the need for mapping or bringing them into alignment has prompted a surge of tools and algorithms to be developed for this purpose. We describe some of these ontology alignment tools and discuss issues and shortcomings in current state of the art. From this analysis we propose the use of visualization techniques to facilitate understanding of the ontology alignment results. Finally we briefly describe AlViz, our visual ontology alignment tool.

Ontology Alignment, Semantic Web

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