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C. Trödhandl, B. Weiss, T. Handl, M. Proske:
"Environments for Remote Teaching in Embedded Systems Courses";
Talk: ERCIM / DECOS Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems, Cavtat (invited); 2006-09-29; in: "2006 ERCIM / DECOS Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems", (2006).

English abstract:
To cope with increasing numbers of students in embedded courses, providing means for distant learning from the student's homeplace is an appealing idea. This paper presents approaches for experimentation with real embedded hardware at the student's homeplace. In the labkit approach, the students receive a media bag with hardware and software that can be used at their computer at home. In the remote workplace approach the students connect to a target board via a server on the Internet. This paper gives an overview of these approaches and show a case study on how the labkits approach has been deployed in our Microcontroller programming course.

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