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P. Purgathofer:
"Weblogs as Electronic Infrastructure for Academic Teaching";
Talk: Designs in eLearning. Teaching and Learning with Technology in Art, Design and Communication, London; 2005-09-14 - 2005-09-16.

English abstract:
Sharc is a proposed tool for ad hoc group collaboration. The target audience is teams of professionals or students working on multimedia content. The aim of the project is to foster the group design process. Notebook computers are a quite recent addition to collaborative settings. Typically, they enable people to access and exchange a vast repository of information and material in a fast and convenient way. At the same time, the open lid of the notebook computer cuts off a little portion of the public space and turns it into privat space. What happens on the notebook screen is hidden to the other participants, which often generates the suspicion that people would check email, surf the web or do unrelated things on the computer - a suspiction that is not always baseless. Sharc aims to reclaim the public space and enable all participants to use their notebook computers to the full advantage of the groups situation. A system developed to specifically support this situation must work ad-hoc, serverless and without additional technologies such as large screens or video beamers, while still being able to make constructive use of such facilities. Such a system could be used in professional design settings as well as in teaching and learning of design.

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