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I. Wagner, E. Balka:
"Making Things Work: Dimensions of Configurability as Appropriation Work";
Talk: Proceedings of CSCW 2006, Banff, CA; 2006-11-04 - 2006-11-08; in: "Proceedings of CSCW 2006", (2006), 229 - 238.

English abstract:
In this paper we discuss configurability as a form of appropriation
work. We suggest that making technology work requires an
awareness of the multiple dimensions of configurability carried
out by numerous actors within and outside of the organizations in
which new technologies are introduced in efforts to support
cooperative work. Through discussion of the introduction of a
wireless call system into a hospital, we provide an overview of
these dimensions - organisational relations, space and technology
relations, connectivity, direct engagement, and configurability as
part of technology use and work - and we suggest that in
increasingly complex technological and organisational contexts,
greater attention will need to be focused on these dimensions of
configurability in order to make things work.

Design, Management, Theory, Systems analysis and design, Software development.

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