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G. Jacucci, I. Wagner:
"Practices and Cultures of Knowledge Management in Global Virtual (Software) and Real Component Manufacturing";
Talk: MCIS, Venezia; 2006-10-05 - 2006-10-09; in: "Proceedings of MCIS 2006", (2006), 11 pages.

English abstract:
field notes and open interviews.
The vignettes from our study illustrate a variety of knowledge management issues of which we want to
mainly address three:
. The existence of different professional cultures and their interpretation schemes and how these
influence representational genres
. Issues of boundary management and what we describe as a `fragmentation“ of the knowledge base
. Knowledge management practies as part of cooperative work.
We identified several examples of boundaries in our field work at SHC and VCP and what interests us
here is the ways in which these become embedded and encoded in representational formats and styles.
In earlier work (Schmidt and Wagner 2005) we have introduced the notion of coordinative artifacts as
crucial for cooperative work in complex settings. The artifacts we discuss in this paper - issue lists,
long emails, IMDS - are examples of coordinative artifacts.
- Things are not badly managed
- There is room for improvement through tools


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