Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

M. Mattarei, S. De Paoli, C. Storni, I. Wagner, G. Jacucci:
Talk: MCIS`06 2006 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Venezia; 2006-10-05 - 2006-10-09; in: "Proceedings of MCIS 2006", (2006), 16 pages.

English abstract:
We focus on the contextual richness/complexity of health care work. Simplifying these realities as IT
system developers mostly do is not a solution. The resulting tensions can be traced down to cultural
divide issues, separating the medical world from the world of IT, only to be solved with Participatory
Design approaches.
We take a CSCW perspective on the implementation of health care information infrastructures,
looking at it at the level of daily work practice in the context of the realisation of an Hospital
Information System. Special attention is paid to the diversity of styles of IT generated artifacts related
to management of electronic patient records, e.g., patient discharge letter, and inter departmental
hospital consultancy management documents, as designed and proposed by IT consultants, and as
envisaged by doctors and nurses, instead.
Finally, we describe a user support artifact, mimicking a child dice move game, an instruction flier
exhibiting `material agency´: the flier guides the non expert user along the moves of a procedure

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